Nikon D800 DSLR Camera

Stop! What Is That?

‘Stop’ is an important piece of photography jargon. If you understand what it means, controlling your camera settings will be easier and more effective.

Pwo Karen Man Portrait in an outdoor daylight studio How Self Assignments Will Make You A Better Photographer

How Self Assignments Will Make You A Better Photographer

Taking pictures now is easier than any other time in history.Easy doesn’t usually equate with excellence, especially in the arts. Making good art takes, among other things, dedication and intention. It won’t just happen because you have the latest camera or phone.

Cricket Match Collision

How I Made the Most of a Great Photography Opportunity

Photography has been my passion since I bought a camera. I was 19 years old and hungry to learn. But it took me a few years to make any significant progress.In this article, I’ll share some of my story. This is how I made the most of a great opportunity and began my journey as a professional photographer.

Caves in northern Thailand. The #One Essential Rule for the Best Travel Photos

The #One Essential Rule for the Best Travel Photos

Take your camera with you. Do not rely on using your smartphone.Common knowledge dictates that the best camera is the one you have with you. Smartphone cameras are convenient, but they do not always produce the photos that you really want.

Young Asian Woman Outdoors The Easiest Way To Learn Manual Mode On Your Camera

Manual Mode Meltdown? – Here’s How to Overcome It

Modern cameras come filled to the brim with awesome, smart technology. You really don’t need to use much of it to take great photos. Focusing on learning manual mode can actually simplify the process. It will enhance your experience in becoming a more competent photographer.

photomontage of the Iron Bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photomontages – The Most Unique Approach to Photography

Photographs typically represent a single moment in time and conform their subject to a two dimensional space. A photomontage is a unique approach to photography, transcending these traditional boundaries.Perspective with a single view point is abandoned. Time constraints become elastic. Combining multiple photos into a single image of the same subject, photomontages enter the realm of Cubism.

Make the Best Exposure Choice, Be in Control of Your Camera

Being in control of your exposure is important. Our cameras see light differently than our eyes do. You need to make sure the right amount of light your camera ‘sees’ is recorded by the sensor.If your camera records the incorrect amount of light your photo will be overexposed or underexposed. Too light or too dark.